Kushiro Wetlands Packrafting

Kushiro Wetlands is Japan’s largest wetland, extending 36 km from north to south and 25 km from east to west with a total area of 22,070 ha.
Packrafting/kayaking in Kushiro Wetlands National Park as well as Akan Mashu National Park (Eastern Hokkaido) is highly recommended to those who love nature activities. Obvisouly you can paddle for days but you can get the idea even just for a couple of days. It’s great to see wild native deer and foxes, while paddling down the rivers.
Lake Kussharo has a beach that has natural hot springs (onsen), which is only accessible by packraft/kayak/SUP. Some of the wild “baths” is a bit too hot, especially for children. We came prepared with eggs, which also took a (very hot) bath. Very tasty boiled eggs and interestingly they didn’t need salt (maybe the water/minerals are a bit salty?).

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