Examples of clothes and color combinations

We find that it is good to consider what you will all be wearing as a set. It is nice to wear something that compliments each other, for example white/beige/brown with denim for a casual style, or blue/beige/brown for a classic style. You can also not match each other which is also completely fine. We advise to avoid black as it becomes too heavy (especially in a nature setting), avoid heavy patterns in fabrics, avoid fine lines in patterns as they can create a moiré effect in the images, and avoid clothes with prominent logos. We also think that natural fabrics (like cotton and wool) work much better than synthetic (shiny) fabrics. And importantly, something which you feel confident wearing.

There are restrictions on wearing revealing clothes, showing large tattoos, wearing bridal wear, etc. at sacred places such as temples/shines, and many Japanese gardens.
In general, Japan is a rather conservative place so please keep respect in mind when choosing your outfit.
If you are unsure please ask us. Although we encourage you to make the effort to look wonderful, we generally like to shoot “under-the-radar” so we encourage you to choose modest outfits.

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