About Us

We are Ippei & Janine Naoi (also known with our occasional collaborator and partner-in-crime Sam Spicer, as Spicer & Naoi Photography), and we have been based in Tokyo since 2006, after gallivanting around the world. Ippei is Japanese, originally from right here in Tokyo; and Janine is Australian, originally from Melbourne, due south plus a bit more from here.

We specialize in cinematic style photography capturing Couples, Families, Weddings, Engagements, Maternity, etc., in addition to running Photo Tours to assist clients in exploring and documenting regional off-the-beaten-path areas of Japan*. It is a pleasure for us to get to know our clients by creating images that tell their story. Our shared approach and stylistic vision allows us to create emotionally charged images which tell the unique stories of our clients in an artistic and timeless way. We closely cater to our clients’ expectations, so that no two photo sessions from client to client will look the same. Our sessions are often held outdoors in central Tokyo, as we believe natural light delivers an un-staged, candid, real-life feel. We love to capture the wonderful lively atmosphere and beautiful scenes that the city has to offer. If you think we might be a good match to create your visual memories, please contact us.

Our photography has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, National Geographic Traveller, Vanity Fair, Le Figaro, The Times, The Guardian, The Age, Lonely Planet Magazine, Condé Nast, etc. Our photography has been featured in dozens of advertisements for brands all over the world such as American Express, Visa, Wells Fargo, Canon, NTT Docomo, Qantas Airlines, Jetstar, All Nippon Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Etihad Airways, Softbank, Kodak, T-Mobile, Expedia, Booking.com, Bloomberg, Procter & Gamble, Eizo, etc.

*Oh hey! We are really passionate about travel and exploration, and have a few websites to encourage others to get out there and explore Japan.  🙂
One website focusses on the many wonderful islands of Japan, and the other focusses on outdoor day trips from Tokyo. Please, go explore!

We aim to produce photography for commercial clients with a focus on strengthening their brand or conveying a story in an artistic way.
If you think you have a photography or communication project which we could help you with, please contact us.

Tokyo photographers - Ippei and Janine Photography
Ippei Naoi (直井一平)

My favourite time of the day to take a photograph is when you just start feeling like drinking a beer, when the sun is touching the horizon. I like the lushness of nature, full of positive thriving life. Even the lushness of a small temple in Tokyo can excite me, not necessarily my favourite Iriomote rainforest. Born and bred in Tokyo, I love the quiet calm pockets inside the big bustling city as well as lively local places where you can really see life happening in front of you. I love to feel and capture happy moments, that can remind people of their happiness again and again, creating storytelling photos to reflect the depth of what is being captured.

Ippei is a Getty Images on-trend photographer 2018 (one of four selected talents worldwide), and his work has been published in international magazines and publications such as National Geographic and Vanity Fair, among others.

Janine Vleugel Naoi

A Melbourne girl originally (my day truly starts with the event of a double café latte), growing up surrounded by beach and fresh air, Tokyo, by contrast, quickly found its way into my heart. I love Tokyo’s contrasting elements and cosmopolitan atmosphere, paired with the rich culture of Japan. I am drawn to cities with small streets filled with cafés, restaurants, boutiques, and an atmosphere that you can almost touch, but just as much I love getting out of the city into nature. I am drawn to anything visual that puts a smile on my face. I like to compose images as best I can, while trying to capture the atmosphere, emotion and the moment as candidly as possible.

Janine’s work has been published in international magazines and publications such as Lonely Planet Magazine and National Geographic Traveller, among others.