Kayaking to a hidden beach in Tokyo Bay

Kayaking to a hidden beach on Cape Daibusa, Chiba

Within 90 mins drive from central Tokyo (via the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line), you can reach Tadara Kitahama Beach located at the mouth of Tokyo Bay. This beach is a great launching point for kayaks/packrafts/SUPs to explore the beautiful coast of Cape Daibusa. There is a tiny but nice hidden beach which is a great paddling destination. The clear warm water during the warm months (the water temperature reaches 30C/86F in late August) is great for snorkeling with many colorful tropical fish, like Moorish Idol and Neon Damselfish. There are also many delicious temperate fish for spearfishing/fishing! This hidden beach even has a tiny dribbling waterfall, which will come in handy for our future camping.