Tokyo day trip to a beautiful secret beach in Chiba

Nagahama Beach, Chiba

Nagahama Beach is an impressive cliff beach located just north of the famous Onjuku township. The hike takes about 30 mins in total (see the maps below), and is well worth the effort. First, you need to walk about 5-10 mins on the dirt road towards Koura Beach. There is public car parking off the main road about 100m downhill from the start of this dirt road. Sometimes Koura Beach is accessible by car on the dirt road, however this road is often closed to cars depending on the condition. It can be quite a rugged short drive and is generally only accessible by a small car/SUV as it is a very narrow and rough road. When accessible, the car park at Koura Beach has space for just a few cars at any time. The hiking trail over the hill to Nagahama Beach starts from Koura Beach, and it takes about 20 mins. The trail is often overgrown with lush vegetation, but there are ropes where slopes are slippery and narrow.

We recommend September to visit this beach, as it is still hot enough to enjoy this scenic beach with warm water, however it can be enjoyed year-round. It is best to avoid a day with a southerly wind as the sea gets rough.

While you are in the area, we also recommend checking out Ohazuki Coast for the scenic views. Depending on the rainfall, there is sometimes a little waterfall on the left side of the beach. There is a car park by the road where the path to Ohazuki Coast starts, and it’s a 5 minute easy walk.

Nagahama Beach is located under 2 hours from central Tokyo by car via the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.