River hiking day trip from Tokyo

Nashizawa Gorge, Chiba

Nashizawa Gorge is a great spot for stream trekking lovers. You can enjoying hiking through a winding stream leading to a waterfall in a dramatic ravine, which takes about 40 minutes one-way from the marked point on the map below. This gorge is the habitat for deer, monkeys and boars, which you can encounter if you hike quietly. The stream trekking route continues above the waterfall (experience and gear recommended to climb) and can be completed in about 5.5 hours. Signage is minimal and is only in Japanese. Felt-sole wading boots are highly recommended since some boulders are slippery and also there are many snakes and leeches (highly active between May and October), so it’s better to keep ankles covered.

Nashizawa Gorge is located in the Boso Peninsula in Chiba, just over 1 hourĀ from central Tokyo by car via the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.