Mountains of Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan

Kamogawa and Ubara, Chiba

The inland mountain area of Kamogawa is one of the most serene parts of Chiba, with dense evergreen forests, hidden lush trails, numerous waterfalls, and hundreds of rice paddies in-between the mountains. There is also a rice terrace called Oyama Senmaida (Oyama Thousand Rice Terraces), which is recognized as one of Japan’s “100 Best Rice Terraces”. On top of that, it’s the closest one to Tokyo.

When you go to the Kamogawa area, we highly recommend passing by Ubara, where you can enjoy a nice coastal walk with scenic views (Ubara Utopia Hiking Course).

Kamogawa and Ubara are both reachable under 2 hours from central Tokyo by car via the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.