Tokyo day trip kayaking - Nakagawa River

Nakagawa River Kayaking/Packrafting

If you have your own kayak or packraft and live in or nearby Tokyo, you might have heard of the Nakagawa River, which runs through Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures. Nakagawa River is one of the best rivers for kayaking/packrafting for a day trip from central Tokyo (less than 2 hours drive). The surrounding nature is beautiful, and the river has a calm flow with occasional small and fun rapids. There are many interesting river banks to explore along Nakagawa, and there are many wild river-side camping spots. It is best to be in a group with two cars, leaving one car at the Katsura Rest area, and driving another one up to leave at the launching point. Alternatively it is possible to take a taxi up to the launching point from the Katsura Rest area.