Izena Island (Izena-jima)

If you are in the northern area of Okinawa and want to experience beautiful coral islands even further off the beaten path, it’s nice to combine with the islands around Izena Island (also known as Izena-jima). Izena Island and its neighbouring Iheya Island (also known as Iheya-jima) have very limited tourist infrastructure, however they give a glimpse into the way these islanders truly live, and have spectacular white sandy beaches. It is also recommended to visit its neighbouring Yanaha Island and Gushikawa Island, which are now uninhabited and blessed with pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear tropical water.

Island-hopping (for example to Gushikawa Island)

A boat service between islands is operated by fishermen and is called watashibune (渡し船 in Japanese). You can ask the fisheries cooperative to arrange a watashibune: 0980-45-2018. According to some blogs, it is also possible to ask a fisherman with a boat at the port (not the main port but Uchibana port 内花漁港).

PrefectureOkinawaSize14.2 sq kmPopulationApproximately 1,500AccessDrive from Naha (Okinawa Main Island) to the northern Unten car-ferry terminal (about 2 hours by car using the highway). The ferry takes about 1 hour.Getting aroundCar rental. To get between Izena and Iheya, charter boat is available.