Mikurajima Island of the Izu Islands

Mikura Island (also known as Mikura-jima) is often referred to as the “Dolphin Island” as the surrounding sea is home to a large number of dolphins. Although the main attraction of this island is swimming with dolphins, it is also nice for hiking as Mikura-jima is covered by beautiful primeval evergreen forests with big old trees. Most trails require a nature guide except for the Tanteiro Forest trail. Mikura Island does not have any beaches, just cliffs and rocky edges. Just like any other Izu island, Mikura-jima is excellent for fishing.

About the Tokyo/Izu Islands:
Apart from the Ogasawara Islands, the Tokyo Islands (also known as the Izu Seven Islands) are a great weekend getaway for Tokyo locals. Usually people aim for the Friday night overnight passenger ferry which arrives early on Saturday mornings, where they can enjoy nature activities for the weekend. It is usual to take the high-speed jet ferry on the return to Tokyo on Sunday afternoons, or a flight depending on the island. All these islands of Tokyo are excellent for anglers of all skill levels as the surrounding sea is very rich in fish due to the Kuroshio Current and rugged underwater topography.

PrefectureTokyoSize20.5 sq kmPopulationApproximately 330AccessOvernight ferry from Tokyo (7.5 hours)Getting aroundOn foot