Fukue Island (Fukue-jima) of the Goto Islands

Off the coast of Nagasaki, Fukue Island (also known as Fukue-jima) is the most southern and largest of the Goto Island group. Fukue-jima is not a tourist hub, but is good for people traveling from Nagasaki who want to extend their knowledge of the Japanese Christian culture, and experience island life in the area. Fukue-jima (as well as the rest of the Goto island group) has abundant seafood, beautiful beaches and pristine forests.

PrefectureNagasakiSize326 sq kmPopulationApproximately 37,000AccessA high-speed jet ferry from Nagasaki takes about 1.5 hours, a ferry from Nagasaki takes about 3 hours, and an overnight ferry from Fukuoka takes about 8 hours. Getting aroundCar rental