Okinoerabu Island (Okinoerabu-jima) of the Amami Islands

Okinoerabu Island (also known as Okinoerabu-jima) is one of the Amami Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture. It’s a subtropical island formed solely by emerged coral reefs. Okinoerabu-jima is famous for having many large underground caves and idyllic white sandy beaches sheltered by lush coral reefs with abundant tropical marine life. Okinoerabu-jima is also known for its large population of sea turtles (50 Green Sea turtles can be seen at the same time at one spot), and all the beaches are important nesting sites for three types of sea turtles. The water clarity is so high that there are many colonies of coral that can be found even 30m deep as the sunlight can reach through.
Okinoerabu-jima has many beautiful and secluded beaches, and no snakes, making it ideal for wild beach camping. The coral reefs are very close to the beaches, which makes it easy for snorkeling off the beaches (it has to be high tide). The northern coast has some beautiful coral lagoons which are ideal for snorkeling regardless of the tidal condition. The towns of Okinoerabu-jima are very quiet, with few restaurants and lodgings.

PrefectureKagoshimaSize94 sq kmPopulationApproximately 13,500AccessA flight from Kagoshima takes about 1 hour. A ferry from Amami Oshima takes about 6 hours. A ferry from Naha on Okinawa Main Island takes about 7 hours (5 hours from Motobu). A ferry from Kagoshima takes about 18 hours. There are also ferries from the other islands of the Amami Islands.Getting aroundCar rental