Sado Island (Sadogashima/Sadoshima)

Sado Island (also known as Sadogashima/Sadoshima) is located in the Sea of Japan, about 45km off the coast of Niigata city. Sadogashima is a great destination for those who want to experience beautiful nature, rich culture and a unique history. The architecture of housing on Sadogashima is very distinct, being strongly influenced by boat-building techniques. It is well preserved in various areas and small villages such as Shukunegi are lovely to walk around. Sadogashima is also famous for their delicious local seafood since the warm Kuroshima current and the cold Oyashio current collide around Sadogashima, creating optimal conditions for nurturing fish with a lot of flavor. Sadogashima is popular for all sorts of marine activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing and sea kayaking with beautiful sea inlets and sea caves.

PrefectureNiigataSize855 sq kmPopulationApproximately 58,000AccessA high-speed jet ferry from Niigata Port takes 1 hour, a ferry from Niigata Port takes about 2.5 hours, a ferry from Teradomari Port takes about 1 hour, and a ferry from Naoetsu Port takes about 1.5 hoursGetting aroundCar rental