Minami Daito Island

Minami Daito Island (also known as Minami-Daitojima) is one of the Daito Islands, located about 400 km east of Okinawa Main Island, in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific. Minami-Daitojima was formed by emerged coral reefs off the coast of Papua New Guinea 50 million years ago, and since then it’s been moving towards the northwest by 7cm per year, even today! It was uninhabited until 120 years ago when people from Hachijo Island (one of Tokyo’s remote islands) moved there. It’s administrated by Okinawa Prefecture, however Okinawan culture has little influence, and in fact the language and culture resembles that of Hachijo Island.
We recommend this island to anyone who is into caves, geology or rum 🍹, and to no one else. 😂
The island is full of underground limestone caves with lakes/rivers at the bottom, perfect for adventurers.
There are no beaches at all, as the island is completely surrounded by sheer coral rocks with sudden drop offs to the deep unforgiving sea (1,500m deep just off the coast!).

PrefectureOkinawa (Daito Island Group)Size30.5 sq kmPopulationApproximately 1,200AccessA flight from Okinawa Main Island takes about 1 hour.Getting aroundCar rental